• FRAAI is de officiële vrimibo voor young professionals in Deventer. In samenwerking met Rabobank Salland gaat het Burgerweeshuis voorzien in een behoefte van young professionals (én studerenden).

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  • New Deventer Collective gaat het Burgerweeshuis overnemen met al hun creatieve leden voor de jaarlijkse Showcase.

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  • Burgerweeshuis is op zoek naar gedreven studenten op het gebied van Marketing en Communicatie!

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Nieuws brief

Ja! Stuur het programma van Het Burgerweeshuis iedere maand naar het volgende e-mailadres:

€ 12,00 incl. servicekosten
Zaal open:
23:30 uur
23:30 uur

De Sluwe Vos

De Sluwe Vos has made a remarkable impact on the scene these past few years. He’s the perfect example of how hard work pays off. And it is evident, watching one of his shows; De Sluwe Vos truly loves what he is doing. This pure energy got him to play Lowlands and Pukkelpop for two consecutive years, and last year he also had gigs at Glastonbury, Fuse (Brussel), Ministry of Sound (London) and at Pollerwiesen. He ended 2016 with an ‘All Night Long’ tour around eight different clubs in Holland. Next to all this, he also runs his own label Patron. His latest EP came out on DJ Haus’s label Unkown to the Unkown though, and got support from Annie Mac. Catch De Sluwe Vos at DGTL, Soenda Festival, Awakenings Festival and Welcome tot the Future this coming year.

Scott Franka

Dive into the world of Scott Franka and soon you’ll find yourself drenched in greasy beats, cut-up vocals, tweaked acid bleeps, drum computers and synths, plus a huge dose of that ‘particular Scott Franka sound’. Creating music since the age of 11, one can clearly hear this guy knows which buttons to push in his studio or when playing a live set. Leaving the universe with some ridiculously crazy productions that didn’t go unnoticed by label owners and artists alike. Various EP’s were all cooked up in his spaceship studio and are now ready for take-off at some widely renowned labels. Like his ‘The Gym’ EP that was released on Nachtbraker’s label Quartet Series in april, next to that there’s also an EP coming up on De Sluwe Vos’s Patron label and the underground acid label that Ben Sims has started. But first and foremost, there’s a vinyl release on the way on his very own Working Titles imprint. Which is the same name as his live project together with fellow producer Kaap. Scott Franka has played at Soenda, Have a Nice Day Festival and is set to land his spaceship at multiple other locations in the very near future like Into the Woods.

Early birds: €9,- ex (uitverkocht)
Normaal: €11,- ex
Deurtickets: €13,- ex

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